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explore your world with english, learn your own way

Where English language learning is a personalized journey that connects you to the world around you.
Just like each of these plants is unique and valuable, we recognize the value and potential in each of our clients. Come grow with us and see what you can achieve.
This leaf emblem captures the essence of our philosophy: a balanced and inclusive approach to education that honors the individual and the community.


Gain language proficiency, pronunciation skills, confidence speaking and a deeper understanding of the world around you.

Experience personalized learning with our innovative technology. Our online-based approach adapts to your unique needs and learning style, helping you achieve your language learning goals faster

Personalized english classes

Our experienced teachers will work with you to create a personalized class that is flexible to fit your learning style and language level.

Explore the world of language with SEED Learning Garden's place-based learning approach. Our globe symbolizes our commitment to helping you learn a new language while immersing yourself in its cultural context. Join us today and expand your horizons!


Explore local traditions, read global stories, and take virtual field trips to deepen your understanding of different cultures, all while improving your English skills.

free trial Class

Take the first step towards improving your language skills with SEED Learning's free trial! Enjoy a complimentary lesson with one of our experienced educators and experience our engaging and effective teaching methods firsthand. No commitment required - try it out and see if SEED Learning is the right fit for you.

patient, positive, supportive.

private classes

Learn at your own pace, choose from 30, 45 or 60 minute classes.

Our discounted packages of 5 or 10 sessions make learning more affordable.

With up to 4 months to use your package, you'll have the time and space to improve and gain confidence in English.

From seedlings to mature plants, our expertise can help your ideas take root and flourish. Let us guide you on your journey to success.
showcasing the beauty and diversity of nature, just like our approach to personalized language learning

Meet Kristi

Kristi is one of the founders of SEED Learning Garden and our head of education. She is a professional educator who believes in personalized learning and cultural immersion.

With her experience working with language learners of all ages and backgrounds, she will nurture your  language learning journey in a way that is encouraging, meaningful, and fun.

From lush green leaves to vibrant blooms, our plant vector graphics reflect our commitment to fostering growth and cultivating community through language learning.
“Kristi is a great teacher. She has the method and patience to help students find the joy of learning. Through her English lessons, we can feel the improvement of English proficiency and enhance the confidence in using English. Highly recommended.”

Jason, Shanghai

learn english whenever, wherever

flexible scheduling for global learners

Our plant vectors represent the natural beauty and wonder of the world around us, and inspire us to explore new languages and cultures with curiosity and respect.
Discover the power of growth with our SEED Learning Garden logo. Our logo symbolizes the growth and development of language, culture, and community. Join us on this journey of growth and discovery today.

empowering learning at home

We're excited to announce the development of our digital homeschool curriculum that is tailored to the needs of digital nomad families and those living abroad who seek to raise their children in a bilingual environment.

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education for all

SEED Learning Garden provides free educational consulting, culturally sensitive lesson plans, and teacher training to local foundations around the world. We also donate 5% of our profits to support education programs for parents and children, including music, storytelling, and language programs led by locals.


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the power of growth and transformation, just like our students who are learning a new language with us.
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