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Kids activities, playing and learnnig with happy teacher

SEED Learning Method

Our approach to education at SEED Learning Garden is rooted in the wisdom that everything in our world is connected. We help our students explore the natural and cultural systems that shape their environment

At SEED Learning, our educators create a safe and supportive environment where learners can explore their passions, develop a growth mindset, collaborate in problem-solving, and cultivate empathy. We prioritize the learning process over outcomes and equip students with the skills to learn effectively and critically, beyond learning drills and memorization.

Our approach is informed by a rich tapestry of educational philosophies, including indigenous knowledge systems such as the medicine wheel, place-based and play-based learning practices, Vygotskian developmental theory, Charlotte Mason, the Reggio Emilia approach, Schumann's Acculturation Model, and Krashen's Monitor Model for second language acquisition.

We recognize the significance and interconnected nature of 21st-century skills such as language learning, technology proficiency, and environmental custodianship. We value diverse traditions, religions, political beliefs, and ideas. Our close engagement with our non profit partners and international learners allows us to draw inspiration from our vibrant communities and make relevant learning experiences for our students around the world.

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