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SEED Learning method

Our approach to education is based on the interconnectedness of all things, and we believe that learners should develop a deep understanding of the natural and cultural systems that make up their environment. At SEED Learning, we utilize the SEED method which stands for Stimulate, Explore, Experiment and Discover.

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Our educators provide a safe environment and utilize scaffolding techniques to encourage learners to discover their passions, develop a growth mindset, problem solve collaboratively, and develop empathy for others. The learning is holistic and the process of learning is emphasized over the outcome, as we aim to teach students how to learn, not just memorize facts and figures.

We draw inspiration from indigenous knowledge systems, the medicine wheel, place-based and play-based learning pedagogy, holistic learning, Vygotskian developmental theory, the Reggio Emilia approach, Schumann’s Acculturation Model and Krashen’s Monitor Model for learning second languages.

At SEED Learning, we value the importance of 21st century skills including language learning, technology and environmental custodianship. We are a culturally sensitive workplace that values different traditions, religions, political beliefs and ideas. We draw inspiration from our expanding communities and remain closely engaged with our employees and customers. Join us in our journey of discovery and exploration!

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