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Children doing art at a nature based pre school inIndonesia

SEED Learning:
Expanding Access to Quality Education

Empowering Learners Through Nature-Based Education

At SEED Learning, we are committed to creating equitable access to quality education by partnering with locally led Non Profit Organizations to establish educational programs in underserved areas. We believe that fostering language acquisition and a deep connection with nature and culture is essential for success in our ever-changing world

In our partnership with these organizations we offer low-cost educational consulting, professional development, and curriculum implementation services to establish community programs that align with the local culture and the SEED Learning Method. Our programs include accredited preschools, kindergartens, play-based day camps, music sessions, storytelling hours, and language classes.

As a community of lifelong learners, we are dedicated to empowering others to discover, grow, and connect with the world around them. Join us on this journey to create a more equal and empathetic world through education.

Collaborating With
Non Profits

Kejora Karimunjawa Logo
SEED Learning Garden is currently developing a bilingual early childhood education program for Kejora Karimunjawa, a local foundation in Central Java, Indonesia.
Children sitting in a nature school, listening to stories

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